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Faith Legacy Ministries, Inc.

Reaching out, touching lives with the love of Jesus!

June 2016 Newsletter:

Greetings Friends!

I am so excited about all that God has been doing the last few months! I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but traveling to churches, preaching and ministry often takes precedence over office work. I apologize for taking so long to update you!


Last fall, I was privileged to go to the state of Oaxaca and minister, as well as share with judicial leaders on religious freedom in Mexico for the foreign minister. It was a great time! As we were on our way home, we stopped in Veracruz and I felt like I was back in the Mexico of 15 or 20 years ago. There was a freedom to be on the streets, late at night, taco stands were open and people were walking around freely, laughing and talking at almost midnight. Sadly, in many cities, life stops at sundown due to the cartel activity.


In February, I made a trip with others to Cd. Valles, SLP and then to the state of Hidalgo. On the way to Hidalgo, the Lord begin to deal with my heart and His Spirit was so strong that I began to weep. I discovered we had just crossed into Hidalgo and that burden continued the whole time we were there. The pastors of that region for a couple years, had asked me over and over to come and set up a Bible School there. My answer was always, “I will pray about it!” Well, God got a hold of me and I could not deny what I was feeling, so I said “yes” to the Lord. I am now in the process of moving to the state of Hidalgo to work among the Nahuatl Indians.


I am very excited of new vision, new ground to conquer for Jesus and all the lives that are steeped in darkness and need to hear the Good News. The harvest is white, ready to harvest. Please keep me in your prayers as with the help of the Lord, I endeavor to construct a Bible school, along with workshops and eventually a clinic. We will also be reaching out to the many unreached villages with the Gospel. It is a HUGE undertaking, but I KNOW God is in it and He will make a way!


Please pray for Pastors Simon and Mary and their family. On May 21, 2016, they lost their home and everything they owned in a house fire, while they were at church in another village. They are now beginning the process of starting over and rebuilding. God is able to supply all the funds needed.


In April, Simon and Mary took me to visit one of our churches in the Huasteca of San Luis Potosi. This pastor has things ready for the walls to go up on the church in his Indian village. The cost of that will be about $3000 to complete with the roof. Please keep them in prayer as well, that God will supply the need.


At present, I am traveling in the churches in the US and next week, I will go to Canada. I am thrilled to be able to visit so many of my friends in the different areas after so many years. The Lord is faithful and we look forward to all God has planned in the next few months. Thanks for your support and prayers! God bless!


Yours for souls,

Glenda Atcheson

U.S. donations:

Faith Legacy Ministries

PO Box 449 San Juan, TX 78589-0449


IPCC Global Missions

PO Box 439 London, OH 43140-0439

Memo: Glenda or Mexico

Canadian Donations:

Bethel Tabernacle of Preston

1655 –Queenston Rd. Cambridge, ON N3H 3M1

Memo: For Glenda or Mexico

Fall Newsletter 2013:

“It’s a Miracle”:

A two year old boy was diagnosed with leukemia and was going to start treatment in a few days. He was lethargic, not eating anything and the heartbroken mother came asking for prayer. We prayed and told her that God was able to work a miracle. The following week she returned all smiles, telling us that when she took her boy to the doctor, they did the tests again, looked at the previous ones, ran the tests another time and then asked – what did you do? Did you give him something? She told them all she did was took him to church and they prayed. The doctor told her “this never happens – but there is no evidence of leukemia, we have to declare this a miracle!” Our God is a miracle working God!! We rejoice to hear the many testimonies week after week in the outreach services of God’s healing power and answered prayers. Recently, an infant with several holes in her heart was healed by the power of God. Another lady testified that skin cancers on her face dried up and fell off after prayer. Others were in need of work and God opened jobs for them. It is always a joy to see the smiles of people as they realize God has moved on their behalf.


Vacation Bible School:

In July we held VBS in one of the colonias. It was hot and humid to be outdoors, but we had a great time teaching the children about being good soldiers in the Army of the Lord. We saw God touch some boys that were there to cause trouble and turn them around into helpers.


We are thankful to Stan and Diana Johnston for helping with music, games, etc. and everyone else that did their part so things ran smoothly. We are thankful also for those that helped with their prayers and giving for this event. It was a blessing!


Mexico Churches:

Every week or so, sometimes more, I am in contact with different pastors and people from the churches in the interior of Mexico. Many things are still going on in the country and weekly we hear horror stories of situations, but we are thankful that God continues to help and protect His people.

The pastors elected Bro. Adolfo Maldonado as president over the churches for the next 3 years. We trust the Lord to do good things and that the churches will continue to experience growth and advancement in the work of God to other areas in the coming months.

A couple of months ago, we bid farewell to Pastor Napoleón Mireles as he left this world for his heavenly home. He pastored for many years in Ejido Magdaleno Aguilar and also was father and grandfather of 5 other ministers that are proclaiming the gospel. His wife, Francisca (Panchita), is continuing on the ministry there, but the loss is definitely felt throughout that region. So many servants of the Lord, that I have known, in the past few months that have gone home to glory – at least 15 that I can think of since March. Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time!


There is a great need for help with the feeding program in the mountain villages. Many have nothing to feed their children and one hot meal a day that the church provides is a blessing to them. The cost is about $200 a month to feed 125 children. If you can help, it would be an answer to their prayers.

Personal News:

Imade a flying trip to Canada in July for two reasons; one was my Uncle Tannes’ funeral and then the Atcheson family reunion in BC. Since they were so close together, I was able to make it in one trip. My time in SK was very limited, so I was unable to visit any churches. It was good to see family and friends I had not seen in awhile that came to the funeral.


It was an emotional trip for me in many ways; so many losses the last couple of years, but yet appreciating the memories and enjoying time with the ones that remain. I’m thankful for my godly heritage and for those that poured into my life. They were a great influence for me!


Many of you are familiar with Sis. Anita Pearce from SK, She is coming here to minister in November for about 10 days. We traveled many miles together when I was a teenager in ministry, so I am looking forward to her here in this area ministering. We believe the Lord will move and great things will happen!


Baptismal Services:

We had a baptismal service in the colonias in May and are preparing for one this fall. This is a big step for them to take, but we are thankful for those that follow the Lord in baptism. It is always a time of great joy!

Christmas Projects:

Christmas is fast approaching and we are once again trying to get together things for the two colonias and also our churches in Mexico.


Last year we were able to help over 30 churches and ministries on both sides of the border with candy, toys, household supplies etc. We are grateful for everyone that helped us with these projects. This year, especially in the colonias, because of these projects we have seen many men now coming to find Christ – because you loved and gave.


This year, we plan to do our normal Nov. 1 after midnight candy run. We get boxes and boxes of Halloween candy at discounted rate for our Christmas candy bags. Some kids never enjoy a piece of candy the rest of the year, so at Christmas we love seeing the excitement on their faces to get their bag of candy.


We also will give boxes of food to each family at the two colonia services. Last year, we gave household items and gifts for the whole family. This year, we felt the greatest need in these families is food. We will also give the children toys, as well as help the churches and pastors in Mexico for Christmas there. We cannot do it alone, but we know our God is able! You and I are so blessed and we receive so many gifts that we don’t really need, when there are others that are struggling to just find something to feed their families. Would you help us to feed the many families that come to the services? We know you will be blessed!   Please accept our thanks for all your help and prayers in the past, also thanks in advance for the projects you will help us to complete. You have a reward in the Harvest by being His hands extended to those needing to know Jesus!   

Yours for souls,

Glenda Atcheson

 Please make donation payable to:


Canada: Bethel Tabernacle of Preston

1655 –Queenston Rd. Cambridge, ON N3H 3M1

Memo: For Glenda or Mexico


USA: Faith Legacy Ministries

PO Box 449 San Juan, TX 78589-0449


Packages: Glenda Atcheson

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